Street Drilling Engineering Ltd offers a flexible Drilling Engineering and Supervisory service to the oil and gas industry.

Company Profile:

SDE Ltd enjoys following innovative approaches to maximise client benefit and adopts a technical limit philosophy during both the planning and execution of all elements of the well construction process.

SDE Ltd is available for either short or long term engineering projects whether it is based in the client office or remotely from the company premises in Aberdeenshire. Flexible remuneration schedules are available, either via a lump sum / stage payment arrangement or on a time writing basis; simply contact us to discuss your requirements. Whatever the client’s requirements, SDE Ltd will endeavour to deliver a quality solution.

Project Experience:

SDE Ltd has direct experience of both the planning and execution of over ninety wells during the last two decades, plus the abandonment and decommissioning of non-economic well stock in line with industry best practice and current regulatory guidelines. This work has been performed for multiple operators and consortiums via both direct contract and indirectly through well management consultancies. These wells have varied significantly in type and complexity and cover a wide range of penetrations, from relatively straight forward infill platform producers to HPHT development and deep water exploration wells.

SDE Ltd is familiar with all rig types having contracted and managed a wide spectrum of units ranging from kelly equipped platform rigs, to both sixth generation semi-submersibles and ultra-harsh environment heavy duty jack ups and from light well intervention vessels to fully automated drill ships.

This range and breadth of experience plays a critical role in being able to efficiently address the objectives of the client and gives an unparalleled understanding vital for engineering the right solution for a project specific challenge.

Contacting SDE Ltd:

To discuss your requirements or to find out more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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